About Big Gator Tools

Big Gator Tools — who hail from Kansas, in the United States — are behind the expertly crafted drill and tap guides you see so proudly advertised here. They design and manufacture all of their products. 

Their growing range of V-DrillGuides and V-TapGuides has now won several awards, including the Professional Tool & Equipment Innovation Awards in 2013 and 2016 and the Pro Tool Innovation Awards in 2015.

So sure are Big Gator Tools that buyers in the U.K. and Europe will love their products, that they have agreed to make CompleteTool their U.K. distributor.

About CompleteTool

Don’t you hate when, after finally gathering the courage to try your DIY project again, you’re left with a wonky drill hole? This is a minor inconvenience in some cases, but a disaster in others. 

Here at CompleteTool, we believe in getting it right first time. The range of Big Gator Tools drill and tap guides that we offer can help you to achieve just that. We stock V-DrillGuides and V-TapGuides in several sizes to help you get the job done right.

That’s not the only benefit of shopping with us; the tools we stock have a Lifetime Warranty.

CompleteTool Ltd

Big Gator Tools are award winners.

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