Who makes the drill guides?

Big Gator Tools are the direct manufacturers of the V-DrillGuides and V-TapGuides.

How many drill and tap guides are available?


We stock five drill and four tap guides:

  • three standard (imperial) drill guides

  • two metric drill guides (we are working on more)

  • one standard (imperial) tap guide

  • one metric tap guide

  • one UNC tap guide (please contact us for availability)

  • one UNF tap guide (please contact us for availability)

Are there metric versions of all the guides?

Can I use a tap guide as a drill guide?


What's the largest hole size available?

What's the smallest hole size available?

What is a "V-groove" on the guides?


What is a V-TapGuide?


What's the difference between a V-TapGuide and an STI V-TapGuide?






How do I use a V-TapGuide?

No. We offer two metric drill guides (3–9.5mm and 10–14mm) and one metric tap guide.

We don't advise it; the tap guide is sized for tap diameters, whereas the drill guide is sized for drill bits.

There is a big difference, and you will find that using the tap guide as a drill guide may lead to inaccuracy.

The largest hole size is 14mm. This is part of the Metric V-DrillGuide.

The smallest hole size is 3/64". This is part of the Mini V-DrillGuide.

This is a 90-degree design that runs through the whole guide.

The "V-groove" can be found on the bottom of the guide. It ensures perpendicular alignment on round and cornered material.

The V-TapGuides can accurately guide hand-tapped threads on insides of holes in order to accept a machine screw or bolt. You can also use V-TapGuides to fix damaged internal threads, or to cut new, larger threads.

Whereas the V-TapGuide was designed to guide commonly used ground threaded taps for their called out bolt size, screw thread inserts (STI) V-TapGuides were made to guide oversized ground threaded taps.

Please note that standard taps will not work with the STI V-TapGuides.

Also, while the regular V-TapGuides are offered in either standard (imperial) or metric sizes, the STI V-TapGuides come in either coarse or fine thread sizes.


 The V-TapGuides we stock are so easy to use. Simply:

  • Put the tap guide on a work surface with the "V-groove" side resting on said surface.

  • Thread the tap through the guide and into the predrilled hole.

  • Turn the tap clockwise; this will align it perpendicularly using the guide as its base.

  • This ensures a straight, accurately tapped hole.

  • Every few turns of the tap, you should unscrew the tap counter-clockwise in order to clear the chips.

Tapping by hand is beneficial because resistance can be felt, and this prevents tap breakage.