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What is a tap guide?

A tap guide — also called a tap block or a tap jig — is a tool that helps you begin threaded holes straight. The tool, with great accuracy, can guide hand-tapped threads on the inside of a hole so that it can accept a machine screw or a bolt. Tap guides are important, because starting every hole straight helps mitigate tap breakage.

However, tap guides have other uses, such as restoring a damaged internal thread and cutting a new, larger one in the case of irreparable damage.

Big Gator Tools’ tap guides

Our tools have a lifetime warranty and are made in the United States. They feature a 90° V-groove design that runs through the centre of the guide. This groove guarantees perpendicular alignment when using on round and cornered material. It is this unique groove that won us the 2013 Professional Tool & Equipment Innovation Award and the 2015 Professional Tool Innovation Award.

We make these tools from hardened alloyed steel. Their holes are smooth, and using the tool can save you both time and money tapping perfectly straight time. You can use the tap guides on wood, plastic, and metal surfaces, as well round parts, angled edges, and flat surfaces.

How do I use a tap guide?

Firstly, make sure you use a high-quality tapping fluid as a lubricant. It may also be worth getting your hands on a tap and drill chart. Finally, make sure the predrilled hole matches up with the tap size you intend to use.

To use one of our tap guides, place it on a work surface — flat, round, or cornered — with the groove side facing downward. Guide the tap through one of the holes and into a predrilled hole, and turn the tap in a clockwise direction. This will align the tap using the guide as its base, thereby ensuring a straight tapped hole. Every so often, wind the tap back out in a counterclockwise direction to clear away any chips.


For many of us, the holidays have come and gone, and many of us will already have grown bored of the gifts we received and New Year’s resolutions we promised to stick to this time. January is famed for being long, dark, boring, and moneyless — but we want to inspire you to break that cycle!

How long have you been putting off repairing your son’s chest of drawers? How long have you postponed putting together that tricky new piece of furniture? How long has your partner been nagging you to put some shelves up? Well, January’s your month to get it done, and 2019 is your year to shine.

Use our V-TapGuides and V-DrillGuides to get started on your DIY project today!

Use our V-TapGuides and V-DrillGuides to get started on your DIY project today!

Imagine how fulfilled you’ll feel when you’re resting your feet on the coffee table you’ve built, or organising your DVDs in the rack you just made from scratch. So, put down your phone, grab your V-DrillGuide, and get building! We’d love to see what you make!

Date: 16/01/2019

Get the man in your life a V-Drill- or V-TapGuide this holiday season

Do you struggle, year over year, to think of gift ideas for the men in your life? If you’re stuck on what to get your DIY-loving dad, builder brother, or hobbyist husband this year, Big Gator Tools have some great products.

If you know someone who loves precision as much as they love the act of construction itself, check out Big Gator Tools’ range of high-quality products today! With a variety of drill guides and tap guides in all different sizes, you’re sure to find what’s right for them.

Order now, receive in time for Christmas! Check out our Amazon page for the full range of products available for distribution in the U.K. and Europe.

Date: 01/12/2018

Big Gator Tools win again!

With several awards under their (tool?) belt already, Big Gator Tools have just won a 2018 Pro Tool Innovation Award for the Metric V-DrillGuide (10–14mm). Judging this year were media professionals and tool experts from around the U.S.

Our V-DrillGuide has won yet another award!

Our V-DrillGuide has won yet another award!

They said, “Big Gator Tools takes their Pro Tool Innovation Award-winning design to another level with an expansion into metric sizes.”

“The guide plus a clamp or two set up perfect holes without a drill press, even on corners and round workpieces,” they added. “They back their build quality with a Lifetime Warranty and it’s a ‘Made in the USA’ product.”

“At $30, it’s a lot cheaper than a drill press and a heck of a lot more portable.”

Every year, manufacturers from around the world take their products — including power tools, hand tools, fasteners, and accessories — to the Pro Tool Innovation Awards. The judges choose the winners based on “innovative features, advanced power delivery, groundbreaking ergonomics, technological advancements, and value.”

Essentially, they are looking for products that are ahead of their time.

At the 2018 Awards, across several categories, more than 60 manufacturers submitted around 300 different types of tool for judging.

According to Clint DeBoer, the executive director of the Pro Tool Innovation Awards, “Manufacturers are consistently improving their tools. Each year, however, some exceed the norms and develop products which truly deserve recognition.”

He went on, “Business owners, builders, contractors, and tradespeople really need to understand which products can help them work smarter and more efficiently.”

“Often,” said DeBoer, “they can also save a lot of money in either material costs or time-savings. That innovation goes straight into their pocketbook.”

Date: 28/09/2018


In March, we welcomed Jasmin (Jaz) Collier to our small team. She was recently appointed to the role of Sales and Marketing Manager at CompleteTool. She joins us from an editorial and content production background, but she has plenty of experience in marketing and commissioning. If you have any questions about our range of products, you can contact her at

Date: 29/06/2018

The new large metric V-DrillGuide

New Big gator tools product added to completetool LINE

That's right — as if you didn't already have a sizeable range of products to choose from, we've just added another to our repertoire. Introducing the large metric V-DrillGuide, now available from our Amazon store for just £28.99.

Date: 02/04/2018