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A really solid quality item. Maybe a little expensive, but so much better than another cheaper brand I’ve purchased previously.
— Trevor (Amazon customer)
People rave about this drill guide. Having bought one, now I can understand why.
— E. R. Hawkins (Amazon customer)
This thing is SOLID! I can see this easily outlasting me.
— Bowkerhouse (Amazon customer)
Item [...] is of great quality. Drilled a few holes and tried this tap guide. Works excellent. If you need to tap holes on a regular basis, buy this!
— Rob van Drongelen (Amazon customer)
Just the job to enable a straight hole to be drilled. useful range of hole sizes. By putting a bolt though one of the holes, I was also able to accurately drill several holes at a slight angle. An excellent addition to my toolbox.
— Amazon customer
Straightfoward, fast and efficient, great product!
— Ken (Amazon customer)
A wonderful piece of metal.
— Janusz (Amazon customer)
Sturdy and precise. Many ways to use it. Very well designed.
— giancarlo (Amazon customer)
Good, solid quality. The tool comes in a protective plastic case too, which is very handy.
— T. F. Letocha (Amazon customer)
Robustly made and handsomely finished. Great drill guides and the guide holes are perfectly machined to the advertised drill bit sizes.
— Scarlet&Gray66 (Amazon customer)
Really good piece of kit. [I WAS] fed up with drilling holes that are off line, this thing is brilliant when it comes to lining up drill holes. Drilling pipes? easy — straight through and one hit at 90 degrees. I had a bolt that needed drilling out in an engine, straight and true. Perfect.
— Martin R. Read (Amazon customer)